Coffeedelphia is a blog celebrating the wealth of great coffee shops in Philadelphia, and the work and worry that one person does in them.

Coffeedelphia is written by Tamar Fox. When she is not drinking coffee and worrying in coffee shops she does other extremely bougie things, such as baking, riding her bike, and obsessing over gangly dogs. She also does some non-bougie things, like being a foster mom, and hating kombucha. 



What's This All About?

I grew up in Chicago, and in high school spent a shocking amount of time at a coffee shop called Kafein. It was open til 2am, and was the perfect place to go to study/work/flirt with boys/pine after boys/write in my journal about pining after boys. In college I ended up working at Kafein for about a year, and amazingly, I came out of it still loving all coffee shops (some more than others). Since then, I've always sought out a coffee home wherever I live.

In 2012 I moved to Philly, and I've never had so many choices so close to home. Philadelphia is lousy with good coffee shops. So this blog is a hopefully-more-fun-than-yelp thing to introduce you to the beautiful tasty world of Philly coffee shops.

Also, I worry a lot.