Greenstreet Coffee

Greenstreet Coffee Roasters is a tiny shop at the corner of 11th and Spruce, but with high ceilings and some quirky design flourishes it feels nice and airy.


I think the reason I don't love Joe is because it doesn't feel like it has much of a personality.

Function Coffee Labs

If you care deeply about the grind of your coffee, and often think to yourself, "This coffee has notes of cherry and a grassy finish," then Function is your coffee shop home.


This is my third visit to Rally, and the first time it has been busy when I arrived--only one table free, and lots of people working and chatting at the tables inside and out.


Menagerie is a fucking gorgeous coffee shop. This is my first time visiting and I’m kind of blown away.


Today while I sat there editing a podcast they played Beyonce's Lemonade in full, twice, and I saw many people doing some excellent chair dancing/lip syncing. Then they played Wannabe by Spice Girls.


Drinking coffee at Bodhi makes me feel like a more stylish person. The kind of person who drafts things at a drafting table in a loft.

Rival Bros

Rival Bros feels like fancy Brooklyn to me. The design is a weird and wonderful combination of modernist and steampunk, and the coffee is divine.